News | The 14 Types Of Kids In Kenya We All Went To Primary School With

The 14 Types Of Kids In Kenya We All Went To Primary School With

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Here are some of the kids we encountered in Primary school:

1. The bad mouth kid

You learned all your bad and curse words from them. kenya school children  

2. The thumbsucker

They wake up sucking their thumb from morning to bed time. kenya school children  

3. The nose picker

Ewwww, and they will eat the boogers too. nigeria school kid  

4. The nail biter

They don’t really have to eat because they are always lunching on their nails. nigeria school kid  

5. The shy kid

You don’t really know exactly how their voice sounds because they never open up. nigeria school kid  

6. The crier

They would cry over ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING. nigeria school kid  

7. The flip eyelid

The bad boys. nigeria school kid  

8. The I’m always sick

They always miss school and never around for anything because they were sick at home. nigeria school kid  

9. The rich kid

They had the newest clothes and came to school in the nicest car. nigeria school kid  

10. The dirty kid

They will eat anything, have their nose running and still wouldn’t care to clean up. nigeria school kid  

11. The selfish one

They will never share their food with anyone because their parents made it only for them. nigeria school kid  

12. The popular/cool kid

Everyone wanted to be their friend. nigeria school kid  

13. The I don’t know how to dress myself

They always came back from the bathroom looking a mess and the teacher had to help them dress. nigeria school kid  

14. The chalk eater

Well, they didn’t need snacks. nigeria school kid

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By Ezim Wamath 11/01/2017 09:19:00