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The Akyem are an Akan people. The term Akyem (Akim) is used to describe a group of three traditional "nations": Akyem Abuakwa, Akyem Kotoku and Akyem Bosome. These nations are located primarily in the eastern regions of modern-day Ghana. The term is also used to describe the general area where the Akyem ethnic group clusters. The Akyem ethnic group make up between 3-9 percent of Ghana's population depending on how one defines the group and are very prominent in all aspects of Ghanaian life. The Akyem are a matrilineal people. The history of this ethnic group is that of brave warriors who managed to create a thriving often influential and relatively independent state within modern-day Ghana . When one talks of Ghanaian history, there is often mention of the big 6 (The Big Six (Ghana)). These were six individuals who played a big role in the independence of Ghana. Of the big six, people of Akyem descent made up the majority.

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