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Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Claim To Fame

Juliet was catapulted into the limelight with her début in the phenomenal movie “Crime to Christ” starring alongside star actor Majid Michael.


Juliet’s hips certainly “Don’t Lie.” Her hourglass figure paired with her confidence has her soaring on our scale.



Juliet Ibrahim was born to a Lebanese father and a Liberian mother in Accra, Ghana. Juliet was raised in Ivory Coast and Lebanon; however, she currently resides in Ghana permanently. Juliet made her official big screen début in 2005.

In an interview, Juliet revealed she had been biding her time and was waiting for the “right time.”  She said her decision to start acting was stirred by watching movies such as “Princess Tyra” and “Mummies Daughter.”

Following her role in Crime to Christ, a series of rumors ensued, romantically linking her to costar Majid Michel, however, Juliet quickly refute it, citing her friendship with Majid’s wife. Despite been relatively new on the movie scene, Juliet is working alongside big names  such as Van Vicker, Majid Michel, Emeka Ike, Ini Edo to name a few.

In addition to acting, Juliet is an intelligent savvy business woman who owns and runs her own Beauty Parlor as well as a Marketing and Advertising student at the University Of Ghana-Lagon.


“I had been waiting for the right time to come out in the industry but was waiting till it improves as well as the right role…,”-Juliet Ibrahim“I work and go to school…,”- Juliet Ibrahim“I speak French fluently…,”-Juliet Ibrahim“I’m not in a relationship with Majid and have never been…,” Juliet Ibrahim


Crime to Christ (2005)

In The Eyes of My Husband (2007)

Yankee Boys (2008)

Losing You (2008)

Royal Storm (2009)

Restore My Love (2009)

Naked Weapon (2009)

Dead End (2008)

Lost Desire (2008)

Bloodfight (2007)

Beautiful King (2009)

Tattoo Boys (2009)

Missing Child (2009)

Honor My Will (2008)

Cash Adventure (2008)

Hidden (2009)

Last Hope’ (DNA test)”(2009)

Queen’s Pride (2009)

Enemy of My Soul (2009)

Princess Rihanna (2010)



“Master of the Game”(2011)

“Battle of love”(2011)

“4play reloaded”(2010)

“Crazy Scandal”(2010)

“Beyond love”(2010)

“Marriage of sorrows”(2009)


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