Entertainment | When the Holy Pastor Uses Anointing Oil As A Lubricant to F**K Church Members - the Case of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

When the Holy Pastor Uses Anointing Oil As A Lubricant to F**K Church Members - the Case of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

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Holy cow—-I am back and surely it’s for a good reason, a sinful saint has been exposed.

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It’s interesting that the alleged indiscriminate f**king of a man of God, deeply enjoyed by those being f**ked, his church members at Destiny Empowerment Chapel International, has been able to haul me out of the rabbit hole.

The truth is, it did not drag me out of a rabbit hole, it managed to get me to switch of my recent addition; a 4 speed powerful rabbit, another genius creation of Ann Summers—-the reason why I’ve been bed bound on my weekends, instead of writing.

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For long, the church has been f**king with people: it f**ks the brains of believers into donating their money and sometimes aid them in believing all manner of nonsense. Can you believe a church I recently attended said self pleasuring is a sin—-of course it’s a sin to f**k myself but perhaps not for a married pastor to f**k me in the church premises or his attached office.

Ghanaian churches have for many years become strippers club, where on Sundays and other days their proud members wear their most revealing outfits, seductively pump their well-oiled boobies and artistically paint their faces with thick clays (they call it make-up) to meet.

I knew it was a matter of time and that we were certainly going to hear of unending rounds of orgies—-I mean the male church leaders bending these strippers or holy prostitutes and knocking the hell out of their juicy saint-like coochies.

Per a GhanaCelebrities recent publication, one of the many holy men of God who are obsessed with taking the rewards of their Ministries right here on earth has been exposed—-and this time, he was not just fondling the breasts of his singing band’s leader, he has been alleged to be f**king a large number of his horny members.

Of course most of these church goers are as horny as dolphins; the church preaches against masturbation, aiding in messing with the business of the many toy manufactures—-and it’s well aware that when women are extensively horny, their brains stop working, probably the reason why these married men of God are able to easily convince them to widely open their legs so they can help them squirt, unendingly.

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As usual, social media holds two contradictory views on the alleged Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor’s chop down of his church members, especially Madam A, who out of anger, hurt or revenge has come out with damning evidence of her many months of f*ckery expedition. And before I share my view on this, let me summarise the two interesting but opposing views.

Many are of the view that, the being chopped down church members are absolutely stupid, in particular ‘Madam A’ who with the knowledge that Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor is married with two kids still allowed him to f**k her not once but countless times, a s*xual ‘odyssey’ which led to ‘Madam A’ getting pregnant three times and aborting them all. Therefore, Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor should not be humiliated as though he raped anyone—-they wanted it and they got it.

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Others say, irrespective of how pathetic the church members are by allowing Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor to chop them down that much and any how under whatever spell or bullshit he has been telling them, he deserves the humiliation—-even if his wife is pulled into it, it is a necessary evil, capable of serving as a deterrent to the many men of God who are taking advantage of their congregants.

Prophet Taylor and Wife

Though both sides seem to be right, I hold a different position—-that merges the two and that is:

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor and ‘Madam A’ are all guilty of fornication, according to the Bible they both ascribe to—-but Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor has a second layer of offence, adultery, hanging over his neck.

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Secondly, the woman has not been revealed or commissioned to be God’s representative on earth—-she is not a pastor or a prophet, Taylor is and that means more is expected of him, compared to perhaps another cheap girl who decided to spend her boring Sundays in the strippers club.

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor is a disgrace to his Ministry and seemingly a small dot in the grand scheme of f**king that goes in in churches, mostly unreported and dealt with internally when hell breaks lose.

This is not the first case I’ve heard of a man of God chopping down a member of his church or non-members in Ghana. If nothing at all comes to mind, we cannot forget the infamous Bishop Obinim’s junior pastor’s wife chop down—-and the accompanying shocking revelations.

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Ghanaian churches mainly house several desperate women in perpetual search for miracles and divine intervention and with fraudulent representatives of a heavenly father in charge, not only would such people be literally extorted through the f**king of their weak and desperate brains, their deprived itchy coochies would frequently be be f**ked while they rub on their own clits.

I cannot imagine how any woman whom a married pastor or even a pastor who is not married to her will attempt to sleep with her or talk dirty with her would still manage to sit in this same pastor’s church to listen to him preach the Gospel.

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But it’s happening…

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor is a handsome man which means the church prostitutes are ever ready for a bite and as a leader, he seems to be making good use of this, by serving them the pie in large numbers. They call him PAPA, the gracious one.

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The woman who exposed Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor must be commended for her bravery because rising up against sins committed just in front of the cross is inherently problematic. However, she is not completely innocent, she knew what she was doing and when she was having all the damn orgasm, she didn’t send some our way—-now that it has gotten bitter, we’ve been remembered.

Behind the veil of holiness and sanctimoniousness, leaders of the church, self positioned under the disguised of a calling continue to commit horrendous crimes and under the divine “immunity of touch not my anointed’, they go unpunished. Think about the many cases of the catholic church and s*x abuse.

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It sucks: also, these church members seem to love it more when the holy men of God go on their knees to suck on their clits—-well done Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor but next time, at least use a damn condom you f**ker.


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