Entertainment | Rapper Edem Donates To School Children In The Volta Region

Rapper Edem Donates To School Children In The Volta Region

Edem Donates To School Children

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Many celebrities try their best to give back to society when they make it in life, a necessary step that helps the less privileged to at least get an opportunity for their hardships to be eased.

As the most high profile music export from the Volta Region, rapper Denning Hotor, trade name Edem, has attempted to play his own role in helping those from his backyard also gain from his position.

The rapper and his Edem Foundation visited students of the ‘Avangor E.P Basic School’, a remote school in the Akatsi district of the Volta Region, to present them with some much needed stationery to aid their schooling.

“#iamedem foundation was at AVANGOR E P BASIC SCHOOL @ ADEHETA a remote school in Akatsi today,to donate Stationery to about 200 hundred kids which sums up the entire School Population…If you can Support us don’t hesitate to join us make a difference.” the rapper wrote on Instagram concerning the trip.

“The Kids you see here have equal rights like every other child but they are so deprived they can’t afford Books,pencils and eraser..Some don’t even have uniforms…I don’t believe we always have to wait for powers that be..We are made in Gods image and thus we are Powerful enough to affect Positive change in every little way.”

Indeed, big-ups to the star for this selfless act.

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By Patrick Ansah 27/01/2017 06:08:00