Gossip | Pastor Escapes Nekkid After Husband Catches Him Banging His Wife (+ Video)

Pastor Escapes Nekkid After Husband Catches Him Banging His Wife (+ Video)

Pastor O. Jermain Simmons

A US pastor is making people all around the world laugh their hearts out after he escaped nekkid from the house of a man whose wife he was seriously banging.

Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons, of Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, was caught red handed by Benjamin Stephens, banging his wife Claynisha’s brains out on their daughter’s bed.

A livid Benjamin threatened to kill the pastor, leaving to grab a gun he kept in his bedroom – at which point the man of God fled in his ‘natural state’ – leaving behind his clothes, keys, phone and wallet.

He hid behind a fence whilst Claynisha tried to calm down her husband.

According to MailOnline, Benjamin was called by school authorities that his six year old son was sick after they failed to reach his mother.

She was already in the mood with Pastor Simmons at the time, so ignored all the calls.

Benjamin picked up his son and sent him home at 2 in the afternoon, and that’s when he met the sickening sight of his pastor screwing his wife.

Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons and woman he screwed, Claynisha

Whilst his wife pleaded with him to return the pastor’s belongings, he refused, later leaving the house with them in his car.

Pastor Simmons had visited her to talk about a church charity project when things got out of hand, she told police when they eventually arrived.

The pastor has apologised to his congregation, and revealed that his own wife is standing by him through the ordeal.

It’ll please you to know that he’s back in the good graces of his congregation and he’ll continue to collect their money.

Listen to the scumbag apologising to his church members below…

By Kwame Ntow 02/02/2017 09:35:00
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