News | Shame! Journalist beaten and disfigured after being caught sleeping with football boss’s wife

Shame! Journalist beaten and disfigured after being caught sleeping with football boss’s wife

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A Zimbabwean journalist who works with the country’s Newsday newspaper has made headlines after he was reportedly beaten and made to roll in mud which completely disfigured him.

Clayton Masekesa is alleged to have been caught sleeping with wife of Mutare City Football Club’s secretary general, Soul Tom on his matrimonial bed.

It is reported that Cla yton Masekesa is fond of writing favourable stories about Soul Tom, but unknown to him the journalist has also been quenching his sexual thirst with his wife in compensation for the publicity.

In a video that has gone viral online, Clayton Masekesa is seen being beaten amidst interrogations. He was also made to display his identity card and some condoms believed to the rest of what he had used to protect himself during the sexual intercourse with Mrs. Soul Tom.

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While the journalist was being subjected to all the self-inflicted humiliation, the entire development was reportedly filmed live on Facebook, making it spread like wild fire.

Inasmuch as Clayton Masekesa might have brought the shame upon himself, some social media users and Zimbabwean officials have condemned the treatment meted out to him, with some describing it as “derogatory punishment”.

One of the notable people who have called for police investigation into the instant justice is Lawyer Miriam Majome.

She wrote on twitter to remind the Zimbabweans of the law regarding adultery, saying: “Adultery is not a crime; so, there was nothing to report to the Police.

“There are civil remedies open to the husband such as adultery damages and divorce. This barbarism is unacceptable. Generally, the increasing lawlessness in this country is disappointing.”

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By Kwame Ntow 12/06/2018 12:51:00