News | Ntim's campaign coordinators resign; accuse him of lacking 'good message'

Ntim's campaign coordinators resign; accuse him of lacking 'good message'

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General News of Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Ntim FdgStephen Ayensu Ntim, aspiring national chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party

Three Regional, Zonal and Constituency coordinators of an aspiring national chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Stephen Ayensu Ntim, have withdrawn their service from the chairman hopeful.

In a press statement the coordinators accused the chairman of running campaign devoid of persuasive and convincing message that will win him the chairmanship.

168 delegates who were initially campaigning for Stephen Atensu Ntim have also officially withdrawn their support for him.

Below is the full statement


We the Regional, Zonal and Constituencies Coordinators of Mr. Stephen Ayensu Ntim, an aspiring National Chairman of our great NPP from the three Northern Regions of Upper East, Upper West, and Northern are by this statement resigning from his Campaign Team.
We the 168 delegates who were working for Mr. Ntim are no more interested in his Candidature.

The following are our reasons.

1. Earlier in Our Campaign Mr. Ntim ill-advisedly went on radio and in the process taking on the President of the Republic and the leader of the party. The NPP has come afar in relations to rancor, in fighting and the effect it had on the party’s unity and the peace. The NPP is now a united party. It was therefore ill-conceived for a person seeking to become the National Chairman of our great party to be openly casting insinuations on the President and Leader of our party. We do not want any division in our party, and if whilst seeking to become National Chairman Mr. Ntim can take on the President on radio; we shudder to think what he will do when he has sat in cabinet, where he will have access to vital information to run down the Government.

2. As his Campaign Managers for these Regions, we have realized that Mr. Ntim has no campaign message that will win him the Chairmanship. The messages and his campaign style is immoral, divisive and insulting to senior Members of the party
For instance Mr. Ntim is claiming senior, elderly and founding members of our great party have been neglected by the party and government since we came into power. Some of these party elders have since said the claims are not true and should be disregarded. This attempt to sow division within the party can only destroy it and not unite it

Furthermore, Mr. Ntim in trying to promote a welfare message to delegates is soiling the image and reputation of hardworking members of our party who are complaining bitterly of his conduct. For example Mr. Ntim has taken pictures with party members in their hospital beds, others with amputated limbs among others, made an album out of these pictures which he is using to campaign and circulate on social media without their consent. This is immoral and an insult to such persons and we don’t want to be part of it.

As someone seeking to be the national chairman of the party we expect Mr. Ntim to know and respect protocol in dealing with party executives. We are stating without any fear of contradiction that Mr. Ntim has angered most Regional Executives by going to their Regions and embarking on campaigns without informing the Regional body. The question is how does he intend to work with the Regional Executives when he becomes Chairman when he doesn’t respect them even as a candidate?

3. Last but not least, Mr. Ntim talks about the party, rewarding loyalty and asking delegates to reward him with the Chairmanship the fourth time asking. We, his Coordinators have worked with him since 2014 and others have contested positions within the party but Mr. Ntim has failed to assist us in any shape or form over the period. If he cannot reward the loyalty of persons who have been working for him in the last 5 years, how does he expect party delegates to show him loyalty?
We the undersigned Regional Coordinators challenge Mr. Ntim to deny the above issues. We also wish to use this opportunity to advise the delegates to be careful and not fall for Mr. Ntim’s propaganda. We have worked closely with him for several years and we know he will make a very bad chairman.


Northern Region Coordinator.
Mohammed Iddi Kpemsi – 0200713323
Shiraz Anass – 0208503658

Upper West Coordinator.
Abu Ibrahim Tony – 0244572009

Upper East Coordinator
Osman Zakariya - 0205891262

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By Genny Smith 12/06/2018 11:49:00