News | Ghost Names: Justify your employment or be prosecuted - AG to Civil Servants

Ghost Names: Justify your employment or be prosecuted - AG to Civil Servants

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The Auditor General, Daniel Domelovo has said that his office is teaming up with the office of the Special Prosecutor to crackdown on payroll fraud beginning next week.

Mr Domelovo said that civil servants will be expected to present documents justifying their employment or be removed from the payroll.

This will start in the Central Region from the July 17.

All civil servants in the region will have a 10-day window to produce evidence of their employment and those who cannot do so will face prosecution.

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At a press conference held jointly with the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu in Accra Wednesday, Mr Domelovo said “once you are the head of a government entity - a school, hospital, department or a ministry – you have a duty to ensure that it is only people who are working for you who are on the payroll.”

“The regulation continues to say that immediately one of your employees leave your employment, you are supposed to first notify the Accountants General’s department, Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) of the Ministry where the person is working for them to stop the salary,” he added.

He added that managers are fully aware that the information to IPPD will not get to the Ministry on time so they are obligated to write to the bankers of the employees to stop the salary.

“People don’t do this so when we come for audit all they do is show us a letter they have sent to the IPPD, but the law did not say that. So, we will need evidence from any manager to show the steps they took,” he said.

Mr Domelovo said the banks will be surcharged if they fail to send the credit the consolidated account once the money is paid into the salary suspended account.

He called on all civil servants to produce their evidence instead of thinking that they are witch hunting.

“Auditing is about evidence so produce the evidence and don’t come and say ‘please trust me’ when you don’t have an appointment letter as a teacher."

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“Even if you are genuinely on the payroll, we want to know whether the position you are occupying is correct,” he added.

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The Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu also added that his office will deal with each individual culpable together with their collaborators.

"We are trying to depart from the former procedure where the Auditor General submits a report to parliament, it is discussed and that ends it, that will change with the two of us in charge," he said.

He said while auditors are auditing any entity, if they find anything that requires his office to come through, they should immediately call his attention as long as it is related to corruption.

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By Kwame Ntow 12/07/2018 07:55:00