News | Relationship Tips: 4 ways to deal with sexual harassment at work

Relationship Tips: 4 ways to deal with sexual harassment at work

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Due to the stigma of shame, denial, and fear of consequences that surrounds victims who report sexual harassment at the office, many of such victims remain silent.

Regardless, sexual harassment is a serious issue that has to be dealt with to ensure workers feel safe and happy at work. This also promotes a good working relationship among colleagues to achieve the organizational goals.

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  • Talk to them directly

When the first sexual harassment incident happens, talk to them directly to stop such devious acts. If your harasser continues to display such immoral behavior, report them to the authorities involved.

  • Report to your supervisor and HR manager

Inform your immediate supervisor about your ordeal and subsequently the Human Resource Manager to find a quick solution to the issue. You can back your claims with an audio and secret video recording of them in the act.

  • Block them on social media

Block all forms of communication with the harasser especially social media including messaging and voice call platforms. They can send all work-related memos to your supervisor before it reaches you.

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  • Quit your job

If authorities fail to call the harasser to order, quit your job and start over at a new place. It’s difficult to find a high paying job but if you believe in your talent and experience, a new door will open for you.

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By Kwame Ntow 12/07/2018 06:56:00