News | Licensure: GES to ‘force’ private schools to employ only licensed teachers

Licensure: GES to ‘force’ private schools to employ only licensed teachers

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has indicated that private schools will soon be required to compulsorily employ the services of teachers who are licenced.

Currently, only licensed teachers are allowed in teach in public schools, and the GES believes private schools should be tolling the same line.

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Chairman of the GES Council, Michael Nsowah explained that the move is to ensure a uniformed standard in both public and private schools.

Chairman of the GES Council, Michael Nsowahplay

Chairman of the GES Council, Michael Nsowah

He said all schools, including private ones, are under the regulation of the Ministry of Education and therefore cannot be allowed to employ under-qualified teachers.

He noted that the Ministry’s regulations demand that all teachers must have a license before they can be employed.

“Private schools are set up based on the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education. Now it is part of the ministry’s regulations that to teach in Ghana, you must have a license and they [private schools] cannot be left out once they are providing education to Ghanaian children,” Mr. Nsowah told the Graphic Online.

He warned that the GES would not grant accreditation to any proprietor who did not employ teachers that are licensed.

According to him, employing licensed teachers should go a long way in having a positive impact on Ghana’s education.

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“Before approval is given for your operation, you need to give us a list of the teachers you are going to employ to see whether they are licensed,” he said.

“Any foreigner coming to teach in the country is bound by the law to have a license.”

The GES Council Chairman added that the Private Schools Unit at the GES would be in charge of monitoring the operations of private schools to ensure that they were doing the right thing.

The first licensure examination in Ghana took place early in September, with 28,576 newly trained teachers taking part.

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By Kwame Ntow 20/09/2018 02:19:00