News | Video: Man plunges 8-inch knife into his skull so he can breathe better

Video: Man plunges 8-inch knife into his skull so he can breathe better

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A Russian man identified as 41-year-old Yury Zhokhov is reportedly in intensive care at the hospital and is expected to be transferred to a psychiatric facility for mental examination after he inserted an 8-inch knife into his head to create a better opening for breathing. reports that, last week, police in the town of Donetsk, Russia’s Rostov region, found a local man kneeling by himself in a field with a knife handle sticking out of the top of his head. The 8-inch blade was almost completely buried into his skull, but the man was fully conscious and did not appear to have sustained any serious brain damage.

The news website said when a shocked policeman asked him who had stuck the knife into his head, the man calmly said that he was having trouble breathing through his nose, so he used the knife to make another hole to breathe through. But the knife got stuck and he couldn’t get it out…

He is quoted as saying: “My brain is not breathing, that’s why the blade stuck in my head.”

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A viral video shows the shocked police officer who discovered Yury Zhokhov telling him: “Don’t touch, don’t touch, sit as you are, do not move….do not bend your head.”

He was diligently conveyed to the hospital for treatment, but health workers were hesitant to touch him, fearing they might end up causing more damage to his brain.

Reports say neurosurgeons from the regional capital of Rostov-on-Don were brought in to remove the knife, and they successfully did it.

An Emergencies Ministry spokesperson is quoted as having told reporters that: “It was horrific. Even our experienced nurses, who have seen so much, still cannot get over it. The X-rays were made showing the blade was exactly between the two hemispheres of the brain. Local doctors did not dare pull it out. They called the regional hospital, and asked them to send specialists for help.”

Doctors are reported to have said Yury Zhokhov is still in a critical condition due to probability of brain injury.

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By Kwame Ntow 10/10/2018 11:42:00