News | “Your boyfriend’s penis is not for only you” - Ghanaian slay queens warn women

“Your boyfriend’s penis is not for only you” - Ghanaian slay queens warn women

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Some three Ghanaian slay queens have resorted to social media to issue a serious warning to other Ghanaian women to stop preventing them from sharing their boyfriends with them, saying their boyfriends’ penises are not meant for them alone.

The three young ladies who look less than 19 years of age recorded a video of themselves issuing the warning in Ghanaian local language, twi.

In a 30 second video circulating online, the three slay queens are seen and heard saying: “Those of you ladies who have been blocking us on the phones of your boyfriends, if we may ask, when his mother gave birth to him, did she write your name on his p*nis, or did they say, his p*nis was made just for only you to f*ck? Sharing is caring, allow us to also chop your boyfriends some.”

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This is not the first time young ladies of such tender age are seen in such disturbing videos. A couple of months ago, some three Senior High School graduates who had gained admission into the University of Ghana recorded a video of themselves shamelessly threatening to engage in reckless sex with the male university students.

This worrisome trend casts doubt on the kind of upbringing children are being given lately and whether parenting is taking a nosedive.

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By Kwame Ntow 12/10/2018 05:42:00