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5 industries you can work with an engineering certificate

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These are 5 industries that you can work in with an engineering certificate in Ghana.

Oil Refinery

Oil Refineries use large numbers of furnaces and compressors which are powered by higher voltages. An electrical engineer is needed to plan, design and also to engineer these high voltages. They are also required to call the shots in this area as well as report periodically to the refinery manager. If you are a graduate with an engineering certificate with hopes of working in an oil refinery. You should consider applying for a position at either Tema Oil Refinery or Tullow Oil.

Mining Company

You can also consider working in a mining industry as a mining engineer with an engineering certificate. Duties include planning, designing and operating all the mining process. You may also supervise the construction of tunnels and mine shafts. Additional responsibilities may be training entry-level personnel in the department. Send your applications to any of these companies, Goldfields Ghana Limited and Newmont Ghana Limited, to begin your career.

Food Processing Company

The food processing industry also makes use of staffers with an engineering certificate. If you happen to find yourself in this industry as an engineer, you would be expected to research and develop existing and new products. Or supervise the design, construction and installation of processing, handling and packaging equipment. Apply to Nestle Ghana Limited and be a food process engineer today.

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Even though in Ghana, opportunities in our utility sector is quite limited the services of an engineer is very much needed. As a utility engineer working with either the Electricity Company of Ghana or Ghana Water Company, your responsibilities include monitoring and creating an efficient form of energy. You may also be required to conduct research about changes in energy use over time and predict energy usage in the future. Other duties may be to oversee projects, train teams and improve the reliability of electricity, sewer and water services.

Environmental Protection Agency

Current trends show Mother Earth in danger, you can be a hero by joining the Environmental Protection in their bid to save the world. One core duty of yours would be to plan and coordinate research in relation to climate change. Other duties may be to make sure the air quality, water quality and ecosystem health requirements are met. A much-needed skill in this industry is to understand natural systems and social aspects of economics as well as behaviour.  

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