News | Lifestyle: Actress Emma Thompson wore sneakers and an 'equal pay' button while receiving an honor from the royals — and people love it

Lifestyle: Actress Emma Thompson wore sneakers and an 'equal pay' button while receiving an honor from the royals — and people love it

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  • Emma Thompson received her Damehood Wednesday from Prince William at Buckingham Palace.
  • She wore a deep green pantsuit and sneakers to the event.
  • She also asked Prince William if she could give him a kiss and when he said no, she handled it flawlessly.

Call her Dame Emma Thompson. The Oscar-winning actress received her Damehood Wednesday for her services to Drama as "one of Britain's "most versatile and celebrated actresses."

"Congratulations to Dame Emma Thompson!" the Kensington Palace official Twitter account wrote. "Today at Buckingham Palace, the actor received her Damehood from The Duke for services to Drama."

The "Love Actually" actress refused to sacrifice comfort and sported a deep green pantsuit to the Buckingham Palace ceremony, adorned with white sneakers and a navy blue pantsuit. She also wore a badge from the Fawcett Society, which raises awareness for equal pay.

Fans were big fans of the

Fans were big fans of the sneakers.

(WPA Pool / Pool)

Fans couldn't get enough of her outfit that seemed to make a statement.

Dame Emma was chosen for the honor back in June with the Queen's Birthday Honors List. Prince William himself gave her the esteemed award, a fact Thompson was happy about, as she has a long relationship with the Duke of Cambridge.

Thompson said she asked to kiss Prince William but was kindly rejected

"I've known him since he was little and we just sniggered at each other," she told the Associated Press after the London ceremony. "I said, 'I can't kiss you, can I?' And he said, 'No, don't!'"

Still, according to E! News, she didn't take the rejection too hard: "If you're first up, you have to be more formal on such an occasion," she said, "but he's looking wonderful and doing so well. He said, 'This day isn't about me, it's about you.'"

Thompson reportedly plans to use her new position to help fight child hunger over the holidays.

In a September interview with Seth Meyers, Thompson joked with the late-night and said her attitude had changed since receiving the honor

Seth Myers interviewed Emma

Seth Myers interviewed Emma Thompson.

(Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube)

"Yes. Dame Commander of the British Empire. I've become much more commanding since it happened," she said. "I've also had every seat I sit on just made slightly taller. It's subtle, so people are lifting their heads slightly more toward me than they did before, but they're not quite sure why."

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