News | Ghana should not entertain vigilantism - Adam Bonaa

Ghana should not entertain vigilantism - Adam Bonaa

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General News of Thursday, 14 March 2019

Source: HSTV News

Adam Bonaa LeeAdam Bonaa (R) is a security expert

Security Expert, Mr. Adam Bonaa, has noted that, the negative side effects of vigilantism will eventually spillover and cause immense disorder in the country if Ghanaians continue to entertain and make excuses for the actions of such groups.

He said vigilante groups do not serve any nations interests, “they come with the intention of providing security services— but for their own selfish interests” he stressed, adding that, vigilante groups do not work with the laws of the country they operate find in, “they have their own sets of laws they use” he stated.

He said vigilantes should not be tolerated in the country’s democratic space, “we operate in a country where rule of law must work” he stressed, “These people are hoodlums and criminals”

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By Genny Smith 14/03/2019 07:18:00