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Habiba Abubakar, 20-year-old arrested for luring men into hotels to steal their cars

Habiba Abubakar

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A 20-year-old senior high school (SHS) graduate who is believed to have lured men to hotels through social media and stolen their cars, with the connivance of her boyfriend, has been arrested by the Kotobabi District Police Command.

The suspect who gave her name to the police as Abigail Asiedu, an unemployed, is said to use multiple names, including Fatimatu Adamu and Abigail Adamu but her parents told the police her real name is Habiba Abubakar.

She is said to have lured high profile personalities through social media platforms such as, Whatsapp and Facebook, where she displays her pictures and established contact with her victims.

The police have linked her to four car stealing cases being handled by separate police stations.

Meeting in hotel

Briefing journalists, the Accra Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Mr Christian Tetteh Yohuno, said Abigail was arrested after one of her victims whose identity had been withheld reported his encounter with her to the police, which was similar to earlier cases reported by some of the other victims.

Her accomplices, including her boyfriend, Ishmael Bashiru, and a man, who received the stolen cars, Nuru Adams, are currently on the run.

He said on August 30, 2015, the suspect and her victim agreed to meet at a hotel at Pig Farm, in Accra.

While in the hotel room, he said, Abigail sneaked out with the ignition key to the complainant’s Ford 4x4 pick up vehicle and when she did not return after a while, the complainant became suspicious and followed up.

“However, when he went out to where he had parked his car, he realised that both his Ford 4X4 Pickup and his new lover were nowhere to be found,” he said.abigail2

Earlier arrest

Mr Yohuno said while the police were investigating the matter, it was found that Abigail and her accomplice, Ishmael, had been arrested by the Baatsona, Klagon and Dowenya Police, this year for using the same modus operandi to snatch a Honda Civic CRV, Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry from their victims.

However, the suspects were said to have been released after their victims who were high profile personalities failed to pursue the case.

Except the Toyota Camry, with registration number GT-694-10, all the vehicles have been retrieved and handed over to their owners.

Mr Yohuno said Abigail confessed during interrogation that she conspired with her boyfriend, Ishmael, to steal the vehicle but when Ishmael got wind of Abigail’s arrest, he went into hiding.

Abigail later led the police to the house of Adams, the man who had been buying the stolen cars, but he had also vacated his house at Ashaiman.

When the police contacted Adams on phone, Mr Yohuno said, he abandoned the stolen 4x4 on the Tema motorway where it was found .


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