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Potato Fufu: Learn How To Make Fufu Using Fresh Potatoes

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This delicacy is a great dish for every Nigerian home in Diaspora. Making Fufu may not be so easy to go about considering the ingredient which may not be readily available at all times or may be expensive to purchase.

Simple Ingredients for Potato Fufu

2 medium Irish Potatoes (spuds)

1 cup plain flour (all purpose flour)

½ cup hot water

Directions for making Potato Fufu

Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes and rinse.

Put in a pot, pour water to cover the potatoes and start cooking on medium heat.

Mix the flour with the hot water till a sticky dough is achieved.

Mould the dough into small balls and set aside.

When the potatoes have boiled for about 12 minutes, add the balls of dough and continue cooking till you can easily drive a knife into the potatoes.

Decant the water into a bowl and set aside.

Pound/mash the potato and ball of flour either with a potato masher, a blender, a mortar and pestle or a stand mixer till a smooth dough is achieved.

See the video to know how it’s done

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By Oke Mba 08/11/2018 11:10:00