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Zimbabwean Man Caught Making Love To A Doll In Broad Daylight

The drunk man caught while having sex with a doll

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A man became a thing of disgrace after he was caught while having s*x with a mannequin in broad daylight near a market. 

A man left many people in serious shock after he was caught red-handed making love to a mannequin in broad daylight.

According to media reports in Zimbabwe, the man was said to be drunk and stripped off the doll before he started having sex with it at a flea market in the city of Bulawayo, western Zimbabwe.  

He was said to have been been drinking at a nearby hotel when he left to walk through the market. He got turned on when he saw the mannequin and decided to have sex with it.

Mbuso Moyo, one of the traders at the Egodini market, said the man was making loud groaning noises during the act.

She said: “What amused us is that he was making movements as if he was having sex with a woman.

After reaching orgasm he stood up and threatened all the people who had gathered to watch him. The crowd dispersed when he started shouting but some women made comments about the size of his manhood.

Some were joking, saying he has a pipe and such a person is dangerous in bed for women.”

Another onlooker, named Ruth Chidzonga, said the size of his manhood became the talking point for quite a while, adding:

“One of the women around here is a sex worker and was commenting on the size based on her experience in the bedroom. She said if he asks for sex with me I give it.”

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By Patrick Ansah 03/01/2017 11:58:00