News | World News | Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography

Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography

Diana and Harry. In this previously unseen letter, she says she felt misunderstood and isolated

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The royal told a close friend she felt isolated as she saw what was happening around her

An unseen letter has emerged from Princess Diana to a close friend which appears to foreshadow the devastating impact her 1992 biography would have on the Royal Family.

Diana wrote to her friend Dudley Poplak after the pair enjoyed lunch together, to express her thanks for his understanding of her in her increasing state of isolation.

She described feeling 'continuously misunderstood' and 'extremely isolated' within the Royal household, particularly as she could see what was 'coming to this country and this family'.

The prescient letter was written just six months before author Andrew Morton's controversial book 'Diana: Her True Story' was published.

An unseen letter by a troubled Princess Diana to her close friend is going up for auction

Diana tells Dudley she feels isolated in the country and with the family

She tells him she wants to continue their conversation and seeks more advice from him (Photo: DominicWinter/BNPS)

The biography sent shock waves through the country and the British monarchy as it revealed Diana's marriage to Charles was a sham and that they had both had extra-marital affairs.

Although Morton claimed to have received the private details for his book from unattributed sources, he revealed after Diana's death in 1997 she had been the one who had fed him the information.

The Queen later famously described 1992, the year the book was published, as her 'annus horribilis'.

The letter was sent just months before the explosive biography was released in 1992

The hand-written letter which has now been unearthed was written by Diana to the late interior designer and close friend, Dudley Poplak.

Dated December 3, 1991, and written on Kensington Palace letterhead, she wrote: "Dearest Dudley, I did so enjoy our lunch today - it was special for many reasons and in particular our conversation towards the end of our delicious meal.

"I do feel extremely isolated more than ever now, as I see what's coming to this country and this family.

"During the last couple of years I have been through a self-development programme which has brought a deep understanding of those who suffer and those who need love and support, wherever its in hospices or in the street.

"I feel that you believe in me, Dudley, and you've no idea what this means to me as I am continuously misunderstood by those around me.

"Please may we continue our conversation in January, when the pace of life isn't so fast and furious, as I'd care to ask for your advice and relay to you my inner thoughts."

She signed off: "Lots of love from, Diana x."

Mr Poplak died aged 74 in 2005 and the letter is being sold by a private collector.

Another note to the same recipient, in which she thanks him for a book, is also for auction

Chris Albury, from Dominic Winter Auctioneers of Cirencester, Gloucester, said: "The letter sent in December 1991 is poignant in that it was written only months before all the public falling out following the Morton biography.

"She must have been feeling even more isolated from the Windsors at a time when her marriage had fallen apart and she had just told her version of her Royal life to Morton, knowing that she was about to let a genie out of the bottle which would change her life for better or worse.

"This heartfelt letter offers a unique window into Diana's inner-torment at that time."

A second, shorter letter from Diana to Mr Poplak that is dated April 1991 in which she thanked him for sending her a book is also for sale at the auction.

And a typed letter dated April 2000 from Prince Charles to the same recipient in which the heir to the throne also thanks him for sending him a book and how he hopes to meet up with him soon is being sold.

Diana and Charles first met Mr Poplak in 1981 when he was called upon by her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, to work on Highgrove House - the Gloucestershire home of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The couple's 'amicable separation' was announced to the nation in December 1992 - a year after Diana wrote the letter - by then Prime Minister John Major.

The letter has an estimate of £800 and is being sold on January 25.

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