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Sir John Hurt – ‘Alien’ And ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Dies Aged 77

British actor Sir John Hurt

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British actor Sir John Hurt, who is most known for playing groundbreaking roles in ‘The N*ked Civil Servant’, ‘Alien’ and ‘Elephant Man’, has died.

The late thespian’s agent, Charles McDonald, confirmed the news early Saturday, revealing Hurt died late Friday in London.

He had been battling illness the past few years and survived pancreatic cancer in 2015.

But his commitments had thinned considerably the past few years as his health deteriorated, and he even turned down a major role in the movie ‘The Entertainer’, on the advice of his doctors.

Hurt made his name in the mid to late 20th century, first with a role as the iconic Quentin Crisp in ‘The N*ked Civil Servant’, and later with roles in ‘Alien’, ‘The Elephant Man’ and numerous others. He was twice nominated for an Oscar and won numerous accolades throughout a legendary career.

He became known to later generations with his role as the wand maker Mr Ollivander in the Harry Potter films. He was 77.

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By Patrick Ansah 28/01/2017 07:52:00